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This site is intended to promote the idea of making books as an art form while it also contains material about printing generally and the fine book in particular. There are pages relating to the history of printing and illustration of books as well as sections on printing presses, type founding and methods of printing illustration, from wood cuts to digital printing.
The ARTIST'S BOOK and the ARAGO PRESS are now part of a separate site.
left: poem by Wilfrid Gibson with colour illustration by John Nash, published by Faber & Gwyer and printed at the Curwen Press.
below: Death & the Dreamer by Denis Saurat with illutrations by Edward Bawden, London 1946
illustration by Edward Bawden
Russian periodical on Cinema and Photography edited by Alexei Gan. The Cover design was by Aleksandr Rodchenko. October 1922
Sifilis (Syphilis)
Poetry of Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1926
with cover by Aleksandr Rodchenko


updated 18/04/2008